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Memorial Day 2017? Who Did You Really Remember?

May 29, 2017

Twelve percent of America actively served in the armed services in World War II. And, I suspect every family in America also personally suffered the death of at least one loved one arising from that same service.

We barely began to forget those horrors when many of our loved ones were called back to the Korean War, a war that ironically continues (and even directly threatens) today.

By the end of the Vietnam War, we were so sick of all of our sons’ mandatory service in the military to support our wars, our politicians turned away from the unpopular Universal Draft and instead opted for an all-voluntary Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Sadly, however, our involvement in war did not end.  We have had one, of one size, or one cause, or the other, every decade since my birth.

But, I am willing to bet the personal connection between those sons (and now daughters) who now serve, and still die for you, is all but lost to you and your family.

Less than one percent of our population now serves.  Statistically, therefore, you are an almost surety of not suffering a personal loss, and likely not even knowing a neighbor or friend whose family does.

Somehow, I can not believe that our loss of direct investment in our armed services bodes well for our country.  Can it really be healthy to be without a personal investment in our freedom?

Freedom is not free.  And, everyone who enjoys it should at least FULLY understand, if not actually feel, the real cost every time someone so easily chooses war.

Did you really think about anyone who served or serves in defense of your freedom, much less died for you, on YOUR Memorial Day?  It has never been only about your grill or day off.

I hope so, for our country’s sake.

R.I.P.  Pat.

See, “Memorial Day for Me.  Memorial Day for You?”, May 24, 2012.

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